Pete Carman : Drummer, Percussionist, Keyboards, Composer, Producer & Videographer

Tania Hannah : Guitarist, Vocalist, Pianist, Keyboards, Composer & Producer


DiViNiUM is the electronic artist project of Tania Hannah and Pete Carman.

Uniting their diverse musical backgrounds spanning the composition of atmospheric, cinematic, trip hop and electronic music to the creation  and production of their own immersive music videos, DiViNiUM are formidably skilled as producers, performers, and seasoned artists in their own rights. 

Merging their unique skill set, the duo aims to emulate sounds that capture an atmosphere; fusing electronic elements and a dominant rhythm and weaving them into an all-encompassing, immersive, and cinematic experience. 

Drawing inspiration from icons in trip-hop and alternative electronica including Massive Attack, Portishead, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, and Faithless, DiViNiUM are set to release a triple feature of songs each month in 2022 and continue building on their thriving existing audience and industry support. 

 The pair collaborate online, composing and recording from their respective home studios. [Tania in Brisbane : Pete in Perth] 

Pete Carman, as Wd Studios,  produces the videos for DiViNiUM in-house with the aspiration of achieving an emotive extension to the music, and building on an already immersive experience for their listeners.





‘Immersive Transcending Experiences'

 A rising electronic duo from Perth and Brisbane, Divinium may have  only formed in May of 2020, but since then they’re worked hard to announce themselves as one of Australia’s  most intriguing and  cinematic new projects. Comprising of two diverse and wildly  unique  artists, Pete Carman and Tania  Hannah, better  known by   their respective   monikers  of   Loopium  and   Misdivine,  the   band  have   created   an expansive and wonderfully  original style, one that explores and blends genres with ease and artfully traverses new sonic soundscapes.

Written by Thomas Bedward September 03, 2021