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Beautiful and Capable 

 I enjoyed Hide by Divinium. The intro gets the listener’s attention as it organizes us with sounds from inside and prepares us for the overall beauty of the work. Nicely orchestrated music sets the stage for the unexpected Classic style vocals; beautiful and capable. Divinium makes the difficult vocal part sound easy, and that’s where beauty far exceeds expectations. Clear, precise, and perfectly mixed makes listening a pleasure. There is plenty of tradition in this music, like scales of a Celtic past, but a modern feel that is difficult to describe. The dynamics are also well done, and the message is clear. Personally, I’ll be looking for more music from Divinium.

Reviewed by John P Earls 
United States, Washington, Lakebay

REVIEWS of Sunbeams, Oceans and Ancient Dreams


 Gorgeous textures throughout under layed by a solid heartbeat. Voices remind us of ancient times and the feeling is of an enormous landscape peppered by the tremors of nature. The song feels like a tribute to big skies, searing deserts, lost peoples and ancient rituals.One is easily carried a long by this cinematic soundscape. An impressive song full of beauty and feelings of ultimate respect for nature. Bravo Divinium

Reviewed by Richard Thurston 
United Kingdom

 As I'm listening to the music I like how it came in really smooth with a subtle ambiance and then the singing comes out of no where. The voice sounds really good actually I really like the mix. That is a huge thing for me clarity. And then it cuts out and then the oohh ahhhs. With the beat switch up very nice. I like how you brought in the piano that sounds really good as well with that African vibe to it very smooth sound and the beat is really on point. It sound like a very well produced track. I want to say thank you for being a creator and I hope you make more music like this for us listeners to keep vibing to. I hope all is well with your family and be safe out here. 

Reviewed by Yung-Magnum
United States, Florida, Tampa


Great soundscape. The intro really sets the mood with a nice mix in the low end and a clear distinctive wood block sound replacing the typical snare. The piano fits incredibly well when it comes up in the mix. The vocals are a little tough to hear but I can tell that they are spot on. The song slowly builds until about 2/3 the way through, has a break down section and finishes by restating the original theme. In conclusion this track creates a very pleasant, relaxing and smooth soundscape.

Reviewed by Ravencrowe  
United States, Oregon, Corvallis


 This song has atmosphere, it takes you in odd & different directions but it works. its sounds like The Weekend took some good stuff & started writing with a Tribal style percussions with middle eastern & electronic music. The music sounds great, it has good production quality & I'm digging the vibe. I'm giving this track a well deserved 5 out of 5 for its artistic direction and atmosphere  

Reviewed by Storms of Jupiter 
United States, Tennessee, Kingsport  


 What a beautiful introduction on this song. The arrangements all over the song is very captivated. Because I felt something strong..I liked very much. The lyrics combine perfectly into the context of the song. The Piano on the second part of the song is very beautiful. I would like to hear more backing vocals over all the song, because it got very beautiful. I hope you continue to write songs like this. Loved very much!! Thank you for your music! Aira Winterland 

Reviewed by Aira Winterland 
Brazil, São João