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I Miss You


A new song from DiViNiUM... Out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms ... Dedicated to all those who miss someone or are separated from loved ones at this time... 'I Miss You'... 🖤
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  1. I Miss You



Music Video :

Come join us on an excursion into a tale of betrayal, an immersion into electronic music DiViNiUM style, Fused with tribal rhythms and haunting vocals, layered between cascading flute melodies and vocal lines, 'Delirious' will get your feet moving and your heart pumping!!!
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  1. Delirious

TRIPLE RELEASE #2 - 08/10/21 

‘Immersive Transcending Experiences'

Australian (Perth/Brisbane)  electronic duo formed May 2020. Their individual eclectic styles combine in musical alchemy to form a new element ~ Divinium.  

Comprising  2 very unique solo artists, their music carries across multiple genres [electronic/cinematic/trip-hop/pop] as they explore and redefine their sound with every new original song created.  


Diverse and prolific, Divinium draws inspiration from icons in Trip Hop and Alternative genres such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Faithless and Thievery Corporation, to name a few.  Their goal for 2021 is to continue producing melodic driving originals with their own hypnotic signature sound and capturing followers with their immersive music videos, produced in house as WD Studios .

A rising electronic duo from Perth and Brisbane, Divinium may have only formed in May of last year, but since then they’re worked hard to announce themselves as one of Australia’s most intriguing and cinematic new projects. Comprising of two diverse and wildly unique artists, Pete Carman and Tania Hannah, better known by their respective monikers of Loopium and Misdivine, the band have created an expansive and wonderfully original style, one that explores and blends genres with ease and artfully traverses new sonic soundscapes.   

With an ever-growing collection of singles already to their name, along with the stellar debut album ‘Feel It Inside’, Divinium has become synonymous with sophisticated melodies, fiercely vibrant tones, and immersive musical experiences that go beyond anything we’ve heard before.   

Despite their diverse styles, both Loopium and Misdivine share the goal of creating something that is truly unique, pushing beyond the usual boundaries of sound to create an experience that will completely captivate their audience. The result is a gorgeous and intoxicating mix of visuals and sounds, one that incorporates their music, artwork, and videos into a single, unified force that they call “an immersive experience for the senses”.   

A perfect illustration of their work, Divinium have recently revealed a stunning triple release, with new singles ‘Every Time You Go’, ‘In All The Wrong Places’, and ‘Hold On’ appearing online alongside some intimate and enchanting new videos. Produced by Pete Carman, acting as Wd Studios, the videos were all produced in-house with “the aspiration of achieving an emotive extension to the music by adding a visual perspective”, and they do that perfectly.   

Speaking about the new release on their social media pages, the band expressed their sentiments towards the new triple release, particularly lead single ‘Every Time You Go’, stating “Delivered to you as an immersive cinematic soundscape, set amongst trip-hop styled drums and percussion, a laid back piano groove, dub strings with 80’s synth/brass overtones is ‘Every Time You Go’…A melancholy tale of love and yearning”.   

A band that has well and truly gone beyond for their audience, Divinium are more than just two talented artists, they’re a cohesive and sonically charged movement that flow between genres, styles, and mediums with ease. While it's only early in their career, the duo have proved their talents and creative vision time and time again, all they need now is for the world to take notice.   

You can stream the new triple release from Divinium above via Spotify, while all twenty-four of their music videos are available now on a very special playlist. For more, make sure you follow Divinium on their social media pages below and check out their full discography on all major platforms.



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