'Our music is a culmination of passion, inspiration and creation in the studio and represents our continuing evolution. We hope it resonates and brings you as much enjoyment as we have had in creating it '

Pete and Tania [DiViNiUM}

‘Immersive Transcending Experiences'

 A rising electronic duo from Perth and Brisbane, Divinium may have  only formed in May of 2020, but since then they’re worked hard to announce themselves as one of Australia’s  most intriguing and  cinematic new projects. Comprising of two diverse and wildly  unique  artists, Pete Carman and Tania  Hannah, better  known by   their respective   monikers  of   Loopium  and   Misdivine,  the   band  have   created   an expansive and wonderfully  original style, one that explores and blends genres with ease and artfully traverses new sonic soundscapes.

Written by Thomas Bedward September 03, 2021


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